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How to select a reliable lawyer

There are several things that you must keep in mind when picking up an exceptional lawyer, this is why selecting a lawyer is not an easy task at all. Lawyers are needed for different kind of matters such as divorce, taxes, drinking under influence, company’s policy and many other circumstances. Below I will share some few tips for choosing a proficient dependable lawyer. Everyone needs to have a value of their money when it comes to legal related matters. One of my favourite are cork solicitors and limerick solicitors,these cities have the best solicitors Ireland.

 Have a face to face meeting

Before you start working with the lawyer, it is important you meet him or her in person. Nowadays you can get access to attorneys through online or perhaps a referral from a friend or relative. This can give you confidence due to the relationship and trust of the referee or even the online profile that you may be seeing on the website. However, there are numerous of law firms out there and perhaps this particular one is not the ideal lawyer for your specific matter.

Some lawyers charge a consultation fee but luckily most of them don’t.  When you meet your lawyer, you are able to judge whether he is reliable or not, as you will be able to ask him the questions face to face. This gives you the opportunity to give your whole story clearly as there is also using of the phone to communicate. The chances of the lawyer charging you fairly will be higher as well.


Not everyone have references of good lawyers that they can seek. Sometimes even if it’s so, doing your own research can help you find the best lawyer for your specific matter. There are numerous legal firms out there and starting by doing your own research initially on the internet, you may end up getting the best lawyer for you. Most websites for these firms have reviews displayed on their pages where you can read appraisals and criticism from their past clients testimonials. Of course it will be tricky finding a reviews without a little critics, some of these are constructive criticism where mostly the firm management responds to them kindly. Another research is of course word of mouth; you cannot lack a friend or a relative who knows a good lawyer somewhere.


It’s always wise to have a lawyer who is accessible since this is a common problem among many lawyers. Most common grievances from clients are that they were unable to communicate with their lawyers. You need a lawyer who will be reachable and quick in responding to your emails, request for meetings and also phone calls. Through these you will best evaluate by checking what their former clients had to say where if the reviews are saying otherwise do not consider using him/her. A reliable lawyer is the one who is organized, accessible and also a time keeper. After hiring him, you should come first.

Seek for a specialist

There are many types of lawyers. When it comes to the type of case you have, it is important you use a lawyer who is a professional in that specific niche. For instance, if you are going through a divorce, look for a lawyer who deals with divorce cases alone. Most likely he is well skilled in such cases, and possibly your case is not as complex as the ones he has dealt with before.